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  Whether it's a birthday celebration, baby shower, wedding, office party, private event, gift for someone special or you're just looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, Swirls Cupcakes are perfect for every occasion. All of our cupcakes are created from the freshest ingredients and made-to-order, especially for you. We offer catering, delivery and sponsorship services around the Los Angeles Metro area.

Order online or stop by and grab one of our cupcakes at:

360 N. Camden Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  "...but the best dessert was the one we gingerly carried and shielded against the blustery winds as the event wound down and we made our way home, which was an assortment of cupcakes from Swirls."
Lindsay William-Ross,

"Blown Away by Los Angeles Magazine's Annual Food Event."

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"Swirls Desserts had tiered stands of cupcakes that would have made a 7 year-old weep for joy."
Amy Scattergood, LA Weekly's Food Blog on the "LA
Luxury Chocolate Salon". Read the whole story

"You must try Swirls Cupcakes! They are delicious! I was so surprised how amazing they were. Everyone agreed that we love Swirls Cupcakes!"
The Cupcake Activist

"...The first thing I noticed was how heavy the box was. I knew these were no ordinary cupcakes, they were heavy-duty! I'd heard a rumor that these cupcakes were better than Sprinkles. That's a tough name to live up to, but these cupcakes looked like they could do it!"
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